How Will You Reward Yourself After All This Hard Work?


Have you been thinking of spoiling yourself lately? You have worked hard, and you have achieved some of the things that you set out to do in the past year. Your boss is happy at work and you finally managed to sit down and write that course as you have always wanted. If you have kids, you are happy with their performance at school and everything just seems to be okay. You therefore need to give yourself a break because you deserve it! If you have successfully managed to accumulate the savings that you needed to purchase that bigger car, or to put your child through that important summer camp, yes you may need to throw caution to the wind a little bit because all has been said and done.


Why not take yourself or your partner for a coffee, or for some quite evening dinner. Or you could add a few items to your wardrobe. You could get yourself something special as a reward for your hard work. You can choose from a selection of handmade leather belts for example, or get yourself some cool wallet. Or you could travel to that place that you have yearned to go for some time now.

Traveling is fun, but can be hectic as well. Thus if you are going to be on the go there are a few essentials that you may need to consider. If you have lost your luggage before or had your only bank card erroneously declined at the cashier counter, then you are no stranger to the hassle. Bags and carrier cases get lost at the airport even before you check in. Therefore, some cool luggage tags may save the day as they will allow security to easily identify your luggage should it get lost. You may also need to carry a back-up card or some cash in case there is a server problem with your bank.


New Styles of Wallet for Women That are Trending in The Market

Women are always more concerned on fashion than men. Whether it is a simple outfit, or the bag or wallet they carry, they want it to be of latest fashion or style. There are unique women’s wallets in market which are trending because of the styles they flaunt. Women’s wallets are more innovative and hybrid than handbags which are often simple designs.


If you compare unique men’s wallets with those from the women’s, you will find that the later ones have more market. Let us know some of the stylist wallet for women which you can gift it to your girl or if you are a girl, you can buy it for yourself:

  1. Bifold: This is the type of wallet which can get fold into half when you close. They are popularly known as two-sectioned wallet. You can carry this wallet if you are wearing pants.

  2. Checkbook: This is that type of wallet which is designed in such a way that you can easily carry it on your hand. The size and shape is similar to that of a check book. You can keep your currency unfolded in this wallet.

  3. Coin: If you are looking for the wallet to hold coins, this might be the one. This wallet has a zipper too.

  4. ID wallet style: Those wallets which are designed to hold your ID card along with some credit cards or ATM is called ID wallet style wallet. You may not be able to carry bulky material in this wallet.

  5. Travel wallet: This one is one of the largest wallet you can find in the market. This is basically designed for your traveling. In this wallet, you can hold your passport, tickets, few bills as well as dollars.

Thus, these are some popular unique women’s wallet available in the market.

The Benefits of Using Leather Accessories

Leather has been a part of fashion for a very long time. It obviously started out by being a more readily available, strong and protective raw material for clothing and accessories. However, today in 21st centuries where you have thousand options for every little thing leather accessories are more for fashion purposes. Leather and masculinity have been long been put together. Therefore, when it comes to men’s fashion leather is supposed to give an edge, a mysterious and sturdier look. However, that does not mean you have to go all out with fringy leather jackets and cowboy boots and out loud leather accessories and clothing like that. Simple things like leather coin purse or leather luggage tags, leather belts, passport holder or your leather card holder etc. can give your personality that extra oomph.

 The benefits of using leather accessories:

An edgier look: Leather when added to everyday or even street style, makes your look much edgier and visible in the crowd. A simple small accessory like a leather passport holder can add a little edge to your sober personality.


Durable and highly functional: Leather anything is durable than your regular cotton or other blends of fabric and is water repellant as well. So, a leather coin purse is actually very much practically beneficial as well.


Unique: When you have small accessories that are made of leather in an overall otherwise casual look, you achieve this unique personality and look. Unique leather belt over your regular blue jeans and bomber jacket will be a great look.

Status: Leather is not usually cheap, so it develops a kind of reputation and status when you have a unique genuine leather purse. It gives you a good financial image.

Did You Get Yourself A Men Coin Purse?

I am not the only one who often finds his pocket jingling with the pocket full of coins received as a change from different shops. Trust me friends, sometimes it is so embarrassing to walk with your pocket full of coin singing a song. You will feel like if the crowd was just less noisy, they would hear your coin jingling. Apart from this, the coin is so heavy that when you keep them in your baggy pocket, it literally starts to pull down your pants. You need to sometimes walk holding your pants to ensure that it doesn’t embarrass you. If you have been through all these, there is some happy news for you. There comes some cool and elegant leather coin purse in the market which you can now use to keep coin instead of bagging them in your pant-pocket.

If you surf the internet you will see that there are different designs of the men coin purse in the market. Even there are different colors. But basically, for men the most suitable and popular ones are black and brown. Guys with black or brown purse are often thought to be more sensible and bold. On this purse, apart from keeping your coin, you can also manage to keep some cards if necessary. Isn’t it cool?

Now, if you get coin as a change from a shop, you need not fear it as extra load added to your pocket, but as a simple coin which will go to your leather coin purse. While you are choosing the purse, make sure that you choose the quality leather for you. Isn’t it amazing to know that you need not walk now with fear of embarrassing yourself with coins jiggling from your pocket?

How Women Leather Wallets Differ From Men?

Leather unique womens wallets are among the most popular of its kind primarily on account of their strength, flexibility and magnificence. To be sure, the vast majority of the notorious, great and trendiest wallets for ladies are produced using cowhide with accents. Obviously, wallets are additionally produced using different materials like fabric, plastic and even metal however calfskin still rules the business sector.

Capacity, Form and Fashion

Before we go into the contrasts among unique mens wallets and ladies’ wallets, we need to know the likenesses between the two items. Along these lines, we are better ready to value the nuances of wallets as intended for either sexual orientation.



  • Women’s wallets frequently have a greater number of compartments than those intended for men. The compartments are increasingly various in light of the fact that ladies tend to place more things in their wallets from the typical money, coins and cards to the photos, tokens and different miscellaneous items with nostalgic quality. Thus, ladies’ wallets have a tendency to be bigger, as well.
  • There are more embellishments on wallets for ladies which are for the most part added to fulfill the style requests for these sorts of individual adornments. Remember that every season, new lines of wallets are being acquainted with supplement the garments on the runway. Embellishments incorporate metal equipment, sewing, knitting and potentially semi-valuable and valuable gemstones.
  • The decisions for ladies’ wallets regarding material are more various than those accessible to the men. Ladies have the decision of cowhide wallets emphasized by fabric or fabric wallets highlighted by calfskin, among different decisions. Men typically just have calfskin as worthy materials for wallets, be it for easygoing or for formal issues.Womens-Wallet88-50-600x400

With these distinctions illuminated, you will comprehend why unique womens wallets are additionally intended to fit into a bigger tote or sack. Ladies will mull over setting their wallets inside their pants’ pockets or in inside their suit pockets – a sack is constantly vital for wallets to be securely put away far from pickpockets and so forth.

Differentiating Women’s Wallet From Men’s Wallet

Wallets made by leather belong to the most famous type of its kind and the reason is that their versatility, durability, and beauty is unmatched. Indeed many classic iconic and fashionable women’s wallets are created from leather with fragrance, also, unique mens wallets like women’s are created from other substances like rubber, metal, or fabric; however, leather material dominates all others in the market. Leather is very unique material and makes wallets and other beauty accessories like handbags, shies, etc., stand out and very beautiful. Like women, men also use leather handbags, and for those which aren’t able to tell the two apart, this information will help you.


There is a slight difference between unique womens wallets/wallet and men’s wallets; however, if you don’t know what to lookout for, it will be difficult to spot them. So, below are some features that tell them apart.

First, women’s wallets usually possess more parts compared to men’s wallet. The parts are many because the female gender tends to put more stuff in their wallets than men, a good example are currency, card, coins, pictures, momentous, etc.

They are bigger. Women’s wallets are bigger because of the additional compartments that come with theirs. What is more, the size might also be due to the fact that they tend to carry more things in their wallets; so it is made bigger to contain the stuff.

There are many embellishments that are placed in women’s wallet and they are mostly included to gratify the fashion trends for these peculiar personal belongings. Also, remember that new lines of products are released into the market to match the outfits on the runway. Adornments include stitching, hardware, quilting, precious stones, etc.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to spot the difference between unique mens wallets and females’ you can now do so after reading this article.