Need a Stylish Looking Wallet That Will Make You Stand Out?

A wallet as we all know refers to a small case used in holding or conveying such items as money, photograph, credit cards and other similar flat items. They are mostly made of either fabrics or leather and can be used by men and women. As fashion trends keep evolving, wallets are now made to look stylish in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Despite the fact that they are primarily designed for holding items, wallets are mostly used today also as a fashion accessory. At this point, we will be looking at some of the major types of wallets.

Types of wallets according to structures

There are different types of wallets, some of which include the following:

Bifold wallet

This refers to a kind of wallet with only a single fold, meaning cash are at one side of the fold, while other flat items like identification cards can be kept in opposite fold. This design is one of the most used

Trifold wallet

This is another type of wallet with two or double folds. It has more compartments than the bifold wallet, and this means it can hold or carry more items. But it tends to bulge when overstuffed with items such as cards.

Front pocket wallet

This type of wallet comes with just a few compartments, and it’s a bit slimmer in design as it clips both your cash and cards firmly. It is also known as the money clip wallet with pockets.

Other types

The other types of wallets include coin wallet, card holder wallet, long wallet, and a few others.

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Accessorize Yourself With Great Trendy Stuff

The momentyou start planning your next dress for the day, you are automatically driven towards your accessory section in the wardrobe for the best choice. Tired of wearing and matching the same old accessories with the new dress collection that you just bought? Move on. Search for the latest stuff that enhances your looks and shows your attitude too. Even when you are travelling, collect important things beforehand and travel with safety and pleasure.

The urban chic looks;

 Contemporary designs that go well with your modern taste are available in a variety of choice. So, according to your need and desires, you can choose to go for that hipster fashion sling or the graffiti printed wallet. There are different products, all designed with a unique touch of modern art. You will love to add such a chic accessory to your existing wardrobe.

Travel smart;

Whatever objective you are travelling with, your luggage needs that extra identification which makes it uniquely distinct in the airport cargo belt. You can think of buying smart leather luggage tags which give your bags a new name. Another tip is to always buy luggage bags and suitcases which are in some different color and design, not like those ordinary blue and red ones. This way you will have least chances of missing your bag.

There is always scope to buy more;

The new-age fashionable accessories are befitting for all kind of looks and occasions. So, you can buy cool luggage tags for your favorite travel bag. You can also go for smart wallets, sling bags or cosmetic bags. Another good buy can be a trendy phone cover that gives your phone the much needed make-over. Canvases that are gallery wrapped can be checked out for modern and contemporary looks. Gifting products to your dear ones gets easier and you can gift an accessory that will be simply adored by your loved one.

Wallets Designed Specifically For Men

Fashion plays a big part in the ever-changing world. Men everywhere are looking for some new way to show their style and express themselves. Print wallets are the newest craze that is sweeping the population. They can be printed with almost any design on the outside and are usually made of leather.

Printed Wallets Made Just For You;

There are dozens of companies that create these wallets and some of them allow you to submit your own picture for a custom unique men’s wallet. These companies will print your wallet and ship it right to you. This is a great way to express yourself with something that you feel, matches you perfectly. These companies always have restrictions and can sometimes take three to six weeks to ship your wallet but in the end, you will have a perfect duplicate (in wallet form) of what you sent them. Who wouldn’t want a custom wallet? Another perk is there are so many different mass produced designs that you may even find one that you like without having to order it.


Beautiful Artwork;

If you are an art aficionado, you are bound to have some favorites and one perk of these wallets is that some companies are exploiting that. Beautiful artwork wallets are being made to represent real art work. These wallets can have anything from Van Goh to some popular modern artists. Of course, you always have the custom option but wouldn’t it be nice to find a piece of art on a wallet in a store, instead of going through all the hassle to have one made? Therefore, these companies are going after the idea so fervently. Maybe you can find your dream art wallet somewhere online and really show off to the world your love for quality art work.

What Features Should Have a Good Wallet

Girls, ladies or women fold are conscious about fashion and they prefer to purchase only the latest trend in clothes, bags and other accessories and they do not compromise on the quality of product. The boys are also very conscious about accessories and clothing and prefer to generally purchase the current trending products. Men wallet is very common and almost everyone uses. Usually, people purchase leather wallets, but as per the current trend, new artwork wallets has been introduced in the market in which you can find with unique artwork that looks amazing and giving an appealing look.  Here are some features of wallets.


You can find different kinds of artwork on the wallet which looks unique and expensive. Basically, these are leather wallets in which artwork have embossed or printed for making it more attractive and according to the current fashion.

Creative design;

You can also purchase different creative designs Mens wallet in which you can find color contras, square design embossed, a different pattern embossed for making it more unique and vintage look. Even, some of the seller offers customized wallet that you can design yourself on the website and place order.  There are different materials available in which wallets are produced like leather, Polyurethane. Polyurethane is a material in which wallets are produced and different textures and design crafted on the wallet for making it more colorful.

Size and color;

Most of the men love to purchase the smaller size of wallet because most are not comfortable with big size wallet. Also most prefer to choose a dark color so that even if it remains or become dirty early the spots are not easily visible on the dark color. Hence purchasing artwork wallet is good for both convenience as well as style. We can use to store cash and important documents as well as showoff to our friends.

The Benefits of Using Leather Accessories

Leather has been a part of fashion for a very long time. It obviously started out by being a more readily available, strong and protective raw material for clothing and accessories. However, today in 21st centuries where you have thousand options for every little thing leather accessories are more for fashion purposes. Leather and masculinity have been long been put together. Therefore, when it comes to men’s fashion leather is supposed to give an edge, a mysterious and sturdier look. However, that does not mean you have to go all out with fringy leather jackets and cowboy boots and out loud leather accessories and clothing like that. Simple things like leather coin purse or leather luggage tags, leather belts, passport holder or your leather card holder etc. can give your personality that extra oomph.

 The benefits of using leather accessories:

An edgier look: Leather when added to everyday or even street style, makes your look much edgier and visible in the crowd. A simple small accessory like a leather passport holder can add a little edge to your sober personality.


Durable and highly functional: Leather anything is durable than your regular cotton or other blends of fabric and is water repellant as well. So, a leather coin purse is actually very much practically beneficial as well.


Unique: When you have small accessories that are made of leather in an overall otherwise casual look, you achieve this unique personality and look. Unique leather belt over your regular blue jeans and bomber jacket will be a great look.

Status: Leather is not usually cheap, so it develops a kind of reputation and status when you have a unique genuine leather purse. It gives you a good financial image.

Differentiating Women’s Wallet From Men’s Wallet

Wallets made by leather belong to the most famous type of its kind and the reason is that their versatility, durability, and beauty is unmatched. Indeed many classic iconic and fashionable women’s wallets are created from leather with fragrance, also, unique mens wallets like women’s are created from other substances like rubber, metal, or fabric; however, leather material dominates all others in the market. Leather is very unique material and makes wallets and other beauty accessories like handbags, shies, etc., stand out and very beautiful. Like women, men also use leather handbags, and for those which aren’t able to tell the two apart, this information will help you.


There is a slight difference between unique womens wallets/wallet and men’s wallets; however, if you don’t know what to lookout for, it will be difficult to spot them. So, below are some features that tell them apart.

First, women’s wallets usually possess more parts compared to men’s wallet. The parts are many because the female gender tends to put more stuff in their wallets than men, a good example are currency, card, coins, pictures, momentous, etc.

They are bigger. Women’s wallets are bigger because of the additional compartments that come with theirs. What is more, the size might also be due to the fact that they tend to carry more things in their wallets; so it is made bigger to contain the stuff.

There are many embellishments that are placed in women’s wallet and they are mostly included to gratify the fashion trends for these peculiar personal belongings. Also, remember that new lines of products are released into the market to match the outfits on the runway. Adornments include stitching, hardware, quilting, precious stones, etc.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to spot the difference between unique mens wallets and females’ you can now do so after reading this article.